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Anorexia Nervosa. Please answer some questions I have.

Hello, I am a high school student doing a research project on Anorexia Nervosa for my Anatomy & Physiology class.  My project requires that I interveiw a professional on the subject, but where am I to find one?!? I am allowed to do an online interveiw and I need to find someone willing to answer 10 questions in as much detail as they would like.  If you are willing, please respond to these questions.  I also need your name and job title, but it is up to you to release as much information as you see comfortable.

Here are the questions:

1. How does anorexia nervosa affect the metabolism?
2. Can someone's metabolism recover after it has been slowed down?
3. Do anorexia patients ever recover?
4. How do they recover from anorexia?
5. What are some of the medical treatments implemented on an anorexic patient?
6. How often do you deal with anorexic patients?
7. What is it like dealing with an anorexic patient?
8. Are there any trends in anorectics? Is there a specific "type" of person that anorexia affects (i.e. young girls who feel pressure to be thin).
9. Do you think anorexia is a big concern in America today?
10. Do you have any thing you would like to add about anorexia? Prehaps a warning to young girls or anything of that sort? (Basically, what's your opinion on this disorder).

Thank you for all of your help!
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You might want to go to a local gym and talk with a personal trainer or go a hospital and find a dietician or nutritionist.

Good luck
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ANAD - National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders.

Contact them and see if you can spend some time interviewing someone over the phone. I'm sure they would be happy to help you.
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I am so glad to hear that students are being educated on this subject. I work in a treatment faculity dealing with acute eating disorders. I work directly with young females ages 12 +++ .....  and the physical and mental pain is unbelievable. I would love to help answer your questions but I am NOT a medical doctor (occupational therapy in my thing) and I recommend that you contact a treatment faculity and discuss this with a therapist/doctor or intake coordinator. 'Google' for places that treat eating disorders. It is the toughest job I have EVER worked,both physically and mentally. The job has a huge burn-out rate BUT it also rewarding to see clients get better...and they can get better!! The refeeding process is very difficult and "ED" is constantly telling them that they do not deserve food or that they are to fat. What THEY see in the mirror is NOT real and it is so hard for someone who truely believes they are fat to eat. Where I work clients are strictly monitored while using the toilet/shower (if purging is an issue) and ALL meals are planned (dietitians) and monitored (I eat/model behavior) with the girls. I work with a brilliant doctor who combines medications that work wonders relieving nausau and getting the metabolism back on track. Some of our clients need to be on tube feeding and gradually introduced foods they can tolerate. Many have tramatic loss issues from the past, abuse, social anxiety and other mental health issues addressed in therapy with psychiatrist, psychologist, dietitians and direct care staff offering support and HOPE. Most of the clients who do get better have faith and determination. We can do all we can as health professionals, but if someone is not willing to 'trust' and work very hard on their recovery  it can mean that they go home and unfortunately will die. Insurance in another strong feature relating to treatment for all suffering from eating disorders. Treatment is very expensive and those without great insurance or the money to self pay (and it is VERY expensive) have a greater struggle. Good luck with your study. I pray that our current society really starts addressing this horrific problem or many young women/men will struggle with eating disorders and die -as I see the numbers increase daily :(
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