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Could being anorexic at a young age delay puberty?

I was anorexic from 8 years of age until 14.

I'm now 21 and have a very 'boyish' face and body frame, I constantly get mistaken for upto 5 years younger.
I've only just recently had to start shaving everyday (as opposed to once a week a few months ago), I've noticed that my body hair has become denser and a few people have said that in the past few weeks my flaccid penis has become noticeably larger.

Is it possible that puberty was delayed and that it's only just starting to catch up?
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I'm sorry I can't aid you with your question but congratulations for recovering :) I'm so happy for you! I've also suffered from Ed's and I understand how much suffering it can cause physically and mentally.
I hope you have a healthy relationship with food now :)
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What's the difference now?  The answer is yes, it can cause all kinds of problems because of the lack of nutrients and at that young age when you're still developing it's particularly hard on people, but you could have ended up looking this way anyway.  I was never anorexic but I've always looked a lot younger than my age and have never had a thick beard.  I didn't need to shave regularly until I was almost thirty.  So again, why worry about what you can't change?  Just enjoy that you got over it and be well.
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