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I'm the type of guy to always get cravings, especially in the afternoon or late at night. What healthy, filling food can I eat to deal with it? And what do I do to ease the cravings?
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Great question!  So, first, how is your eating overall? How is your physical activity level? And are you worried about your weight or your health? I don't know your age. What my teenage sons can eat and what I can eat is very different. Things that may be good are a piece of toast with peanut butter at night. A bowl of cereal or oatmeal. A sandwich. Those are all pretty much food but it would be what my sons would like in the evening and so much better than the go to bowl of ice cream or things like that. What I do is a bit different.  I know that if I have 'something' that my craving will go away. I have a cup of hot tea with one spoonful of sugar or a packet of sweetener.  It does satisfy me.  I had a doctor give me that tip. Or I may have a yogurt and a banana.  When you get used to less, you want less.  What are you craving though? I get different cravings.Sugar craving and then sometimes a protein craving.  What are yours like?
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I usually crave something savory like popcorn or chips, or something sweet like a pastry.
I'm a 14 year old guy. I'm not that physically active, but I'm trying to get more active. My eating habits are not that great, I usually eat instant noodles or other unhealthy things when I have cravings (I'm trying to cut down on them.) But the food I eat for the main meals are quite healthy (I eat Korean food, delicious and healthy.) I'm quite worried about my weight and health.
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I agree with specialmom and would add that protein bars (there are several) are also good.
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