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Eating Problems

I'm fifteen, and I've been having eating problems for like the past 3 months. It's gotten to where if I even look at food I lose the little appetite I have. I'm not throwing up when I'm eating or anything but it goes straight through me and I'll get diarrhea and my stomach feels like it's doing flips. I haven't talked to anyone about it and I go days without eating besides like a bite here and there just so I have something in me. I am under a lot of stress and I'm prone to ulcers and cysts. I have bad anxiety and severe depression but I'm not sure if that's what could be causing it. Any ideas? I'm getting desperate about this situation and it scares me...
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You need to talk to your parents about it and see a doctor first for a diagnosis.  There are too many possible causes and we're not doctors or psychologists.  You need one or the other, though which can't be determined until you eliminate possible physiological causes.
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