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Eating a lot, losing weight and constipated.

Hi, over the past week or so I've noticed a change in my appetite when I've been wanting to eat more. I can't seem to gain weight as what I eat I oddly burn off some other way and I've been more constipated than usual.
Could this be from my Hashimoto's or am I on too much Levothyroxine? I'm on 125mcg per day and my doctor increased it back in August.

I've included more fruit and veg into my diet as well as eating more carbs, protein, fat and starch but the weight simply falls off me even when I'm not doing anything and I don't understand it. I did weigh 8 stone (112Ibs) 2 weeks ago but now I've gone back down to 7.10 stone (99.4Ibs).

I thought I was doing really well with keeping the weight on until I've been eating more and losing it all. I now feel like it's all a vicious cycle and it was all for nothing and I've done something very wrong about all of this. I lost a lot of weight at the start of the year and my ribs were poking out of my skin so I feel very disappointed about the weight loss since I worked so hard at gaining it all.

Thanks for any help.
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Hi there, thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I had my thyroid levels checked prior to the increase. TSH came back at 4 from 22 (normal range 0.27-4.2). Doctor looked at me a bit funny and asked me if I was taking my thyroid meds as he told me to, which gave me the impression he wanted the TSH much lower. From 22? Within a space of 3 months?

I asked in a letter to be referred to a thyroid specialist and doctor didn't mention anything about that when replying to it.

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I hope your having your blood thyroid levels checked prior to being increased in doses?  Should there be extreme level changes you ought to be referred onto a proper Internist who Specializes in Thyroid treatment. Your GP may be out of his/her realm.   Being on a medication to lower thyroid, shouldn't make you drop weight dramatically...it is to balance blood levels not change them.
You might find a bran muffin with a hot cup of tea or coffee in the a.m. gets you "moving".  
Please get your blood checked!
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