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Gastroenterology the colon, chilli and vinderloo

  I love hot food, if I have a chilli, I throw in loads of chilli powder. If I have a curry, it has to be the hottest. I am a very fit 53 year old.
   Am I doing myself any damage with my passion for hot dishes around twice or more a week.
   I heard a rumour it could encourage colon cancer.
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Eat a banana before eating curry, it contains something, I've forgotten, but it interacts with the mucous in your stomach and will allow you to process the curry more easily. Also eat slowly, the slower you eat the more any harmful substances in the curry will be processed and not affect your friendly intestinal bacterium.
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Seems to me the only negative to a hot and spicy diet is the burn on the way out.  After a particularly hot dish, we would always have a bowl of ice cream and then root root root for the ice cream to win the race to our back doors.
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