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Hunger strike

dear Doctor

what are the consequences of prolonged fasting?

I haven't been eating since Sunday. only one yogurt a day. I already lost 2 kilos. I drink water and tea with a a bit of sugar.

I don't know how long I'm going to keep hunger-striking. what could happen? I have some "extra kilos", maybe I could go down even to 75  before being underweight.

what could be the immediate consequences? are there any recommendations? does fasting give heart symptoms?

thank you.
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Our bodies need approximately 1200 calories a day to prevent it from having malnutrition. A prolong state of starvation will develop malnutrition (lack of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients) which will affect the heart and other body systems. The weight you lose is water-weight which we lose when we first diet and/or fast. Recommend eating healthy foods with proper servings to lose weight and stay healthy. Hoped this answered your question.
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I lost 4kg in 5 days! is it normal?
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thank you. circumstances have changed and I ceased the hunger-strike but I want to keep a diet the way you suggested!

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