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Is it healthy to have protein drinks instead of a meal?

I have bought some protein drinks to try out and might have them instead of meals as suggested by my friend. Is it safe?
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What are you trying to accomplish?  Normally protein drinks are a supplement and not made to be "meal replacement".  I'm no dietician but typically protein drinks don't have a bunch of nutrients.
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As brice1967 stated protein drinks are to be used as a supplement! Not as a meal!!
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If your having a protein drink that is cosidered a meal replacement you will be able to skip a meal or two. Really depends what type of protein your taking.
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Common high-protein foods contain a lot of minerals and vitamins you need, while protein powder does not. It also does not contain fiber, so it may make you constipated.
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They are high in calories and can replace a meal containing the amount of protein found in fish or soy and many other meats. The protein however is chemically and artificially made which means it can sometimes
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Not be absorbed correctly and lay away in tissue. In a similar way to artificially made vitamins and pesticides in our foods. I would eat a real meal. My brother took protein shakes and whey protein. He gained a disgusting amount of weight and his face got swollen with fat. This was because he did not work out while taking them
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