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What foods shrink Thyroid Nodules and Keep colon cancer polyps away .

Hello I was wondering if anyone would please look
at this list for me and fill in any advice or changes
you may have. This is a list I combined trying to  
regain and Prevent any further health issues.
I am trying to complete a list to use daily.

Health Issues

1. Loosing weight to normal weight
2. Colon Polyps Removed Biopsy wasn’t cancer
3. Thyroid nodules 3 looks cancerous Biopsy soon
4. Nodule on liver
5. High cholesterol

Plant based whole food diet
fiber-rich foods like beans, lentils, peas,
Whole Grains
non-starchy vegetables
Healthy fats
Low GI foods
5-8 Cups Water day

Avoid High Gi foods
Avoid N0 Processed Foods
Avoid Fried Foods
Avoid processed, artificial foods.
Avoid added fats and sugars.
Avoid Can Foods
Avoid calorie dense foods
Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
Avoid sugary beverages,
Avoid processed foods
Avoid Meat,dairy and eggs
Avoid Fruit juices
Avoid  energy-dense carbohydrate-containing foods

Simple  carbohydrates.
Foods with added sugar
calorically dense foods
Foods that are high in fat
Poor nutrient foods (like bleached flour and refined sugar).

Exercise more
Lose weight if you're overweight
Watch portion sizes
When reading nutrition labels
Look for low levels of saturated fat, added sugars, and sodium.
Clean 15 list
Dirty dozen list
Omega 3 fatty acids

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I'm assuming you were feeling pretty poorly to have been advised to get such a large amount of testing.  You don't say what your age is -- did you get a colonoscopy because you're over 50 and it was recommended, or because something is going on and your docs are trying to figure out what it is?  As to your food recommendations for yourself, it's not specific, but pretty much follows general guidelines.  An exception is your focus on both calories and fat.  There are fats to avoid but also fats to welcome.  You mention omega 3 fats, but this is fat, so that's what I mean by your generalization of avoiding fat.  All good sources of this beneficial fat are high in both calories and fat, such as fatty fish and seeds such as hemp, chia, and flax.  To have this fat obviously the food source has to be high in fat, or if you take a supplement, it will be all fat.  As for calories, what's more important for weight is how well you metabolize and digest a food, not the amount of calories.  Again, some very beneficial  foods are high in calories and fat, such as nuts, seeds, and fish, but you don't want to avoid them.  It's a balance.  As for your cancer fears, avoiding things that are bad for you can help, but it looks like you don't have cancer at this point depending on how the thyroid work up comes out.  But the main anti-cancer foods are antioxidant rich foods, which are largely colored fruits such as berries and colored veggies, such as kale, collards, dandelion greens, watercress, etc.  But there are a lot of antioxidants and almost all foods are high in at least one of them, so if you have access to variety that's good.  But when you move from the general to the specific, it gets harder -- individuals differ.  The part of your body that is the problem will raise different suggestions -- certain foods and supplements are protective of certain parts of the body more than others, while others are generally protective, such as Vitamin C rich foods.  If you turn out not to have any cancer at least that can be found, you're in a different situation than if you do -- eating well is the best you can do to prevent, bu when you have, specific nutrients might be more useful and others might best be avoided.  Everything depends on who you are at the moment when it comes to eating, because that's where the generalizations give way to the specifics.
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I had a Colonoscopy done when I was 45 yrs old. The results were 5 tubulovillous Adenoma with no evidence of high grade Displasia. I also have 7 Thyroid Nodules scheduled for a biopsy soon. I am looking for recommendations and suggestions for Cancer prevention foods, supplements, herbs, teas, spices and antioxidants for the Colon, Thyroid shrinking Thyroid nodules of a plant based monthly or weekly meal plan for balanced recipes.
Well, there's nobody on here that can give you a meal plan or a complete answer to those questions.  The issue with preventing and treating disease with food and supplements is there are a lot of different notions out there and not much conclusive evidence behind them.  Virtually all of the big money spent on health in the developed world is spent on selling pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which can be patented, and on surgery, which is quite lucrative.  Supplements as with any natural product can't be patented, and therefore there's no huge monetary payoff for research.  What you get are a lot of small studies and some meta studies which look at healthy populations compared to less healthy populations studied over time.  None of this will be conclusive but will be suggestive, but you're going to have to do your own homework and come up with your own plan.  Seeing a holistic nutritionist and doing a lot of reading of different theories of health can help you get to something you want to try.  I have a lot of experience with this because I spent 18 years managing health food stores and can't count the number of theories "experts" have about how to eat to prevent or cure cancer.  The only generalization is that eating a lot of antioxidant rich foods will help, as antioxidants prevent a lot of what causes the immune system to go awry.  Cancer is basically an immune system disease, as we all have cells in us that are potential cancers, the only question is when or if they begin to grow out of control.  That's why the emphasis on eating lots of colored veggies and some fruits -- fewer fruits only because they have a high sugar content so you don't want to overdo them.  Some foods are extremely high in antioxidants, such as berries, grapes, wheatgrass, spirulina, and most green leafy veggies (not lettuce).  But every antioxidant has a focus -- wheatgrass, for example, is high in glutathione, which helps the eyes and the liver.  This is just one example, but it tells you why eating a variety of foods if possible is good.  But you have to factor in where you live -- cancer is high in industrial society because of the exposure to the waste products and the toxic products sold in those societies.  Too much exposure to carcinogens can outweigh a healthy lifestyle.  So it's very hard to tell you there's one way that's best to eat if you have cancer.  But again, you don't actually have cancer, or at least none has been diagnosed yet.  Your colon came out clean.  You're waiting on your thyroid.  If it all comes out clean, then you're back at square one, which is learning how to eat the way anyone should eat, a diet well balanced that's high in veggies and fruit, low on animal protein but not devoid of it necessarily -- fish is especially useful if it's not contaminated too much by the toxins we've dumped in the oceans and rivers -- and whole grains and legumes.  That's been the healthiest diet studied and the way people have eaten since the invention of agriculture.  It's what we're used to unless you're a hunter-gatherer still.  This is a long way of saying, nobody can tell you specifically on this website, but you can learn a lot and then choose what you choose to believe -- macrobiotics, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, whatever you choose -- and there are a lot to choose from.
I should add, one of the best ways to protect the colon is to eat foods that are easier to digest and therefore don't get stuck for a long time before they're evacuated, reducing exposure.  Eating organically grown food will reduce carcinogens.  Not eating food with additives, such as food coloring that isn't from a vegetable source, will help reduce exposure.  Not eating too much red meat will help the colon evacuate, as meat is very hard to digest.  Again, just some tips.  The thyroid has a whole other set of things one can do but it depends on what is going on with it.  
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