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b6 and depression

can too much b6 cause depression?
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Hi there,
Vitamin B6 vitamin plays an essential role in the creation of serotonin, nor epinephrine and dopamine. These brain neurotransmitters are important for regulating our mental balance, mood etc.Defficiency of this vitamin leads to a decrease in the neurotransmitter formation and functioning which in turn can cause depression. A person should consume vitamin B6 as per his daily requirement.Potatoes, spinach, banana, walnuts and fortified cereals are the main sources of Vitamin B6.Alcohiolics, people with hyperthyroidism and malsaborption syndromes are known to suffer from vitamin B6 defficiency.Do keep us posted.
Take care and regards!
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b6 can cause alot more than depression.  

it can cause irreversible nerve damage.

from personal experience, be careful how much you take.

100mg-200mg daily for me caused some very disturbing symptoms.
numbness, tingling, pricks/pins/needles, shocks, buzzing/vibrating, muscle twitches, muscle weakness, severe fatigue, diziness, lighheadedness, anxiety, irritability etc.

was diagnosed with b6 toxicity recently.  beware of b6.  it is a dangerous "water-soluble" vitamin.  

if only more people would know about this.
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I would have to disagree with the irreversible statement. It will go back to normal you just have to watch your dosage. My instructor had the same symptoms  she stopped taking the vitamin and started eating foods that had the b6 naturally. Also it is the brand of vitamin make sure you are taking a vitamin that doesnt have alot of fillers in them. Take a glass of vinegar drop your vitamin in it. If it desolves it is a good vitamin if it doesnt dont take it. The fillers they use stay in your body. such as, sand, seashells and other things. so choose your vitamins carefully.
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