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cheese and pasta

Hi Doc,
I am very much comfused regarding eating cheese and pasta.Some people say I can have it as these r considered fibrous foods /wiith roughage but others say the NO ,DONT EAT-THEY CAUSE CONSTIIPATION AS THEY R MADE UP OF REFINED FLOOR(PASTA) AND CHEESE HAS OLIY CONTENTS. PLEASE ADVICE
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thanks very m uch for this info. so in nutshell both pasta and cheese are a big NO NO to me..its ok..health is wealth.
Also ma;m can u tell me that while liquer-vodka which i take 4 times a wk and JUST 2 pegs is ok or not good for health. want to follow the advice as I am having constipation and indigestion which could lead to piles. please inform if u know abt it. thanks
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Well pasta, if you eat whole grain pasta and make the sauce yourself (homemade pasta) then it is fine and you are getting some fibre. I would avoid the white pasta and processes packaged pasta like macaroni.

Cheese is very very high in fat, and is not totally worth what you get in it. People take it sometimes for protein which is rediculous to me, just have an egg or some meat. People are often sesitive to cheese also because of the dairy content. It is very high in calories and if you want calcium then just take a calcium supplement or find other foods rich in calcium like plain yogurt or vegetables. If you must eat cheese you can eat goat cheese or now they have vegetable cheese which are both good and a little healthier. Cheese also contains sodium which almost all people already have to much of.

Hope this helps
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