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Adult Fecal Smearing

I could like to hear more on fecal smearing.  I am responsible for security in a federal building.  We have a woman who continually smears her feces all over bathroom stalls and slides her shoes and underwear in the fecal and then will clean then or throw them away.  It's been difficult to get eye witnesses and to prove this case but we have much circumstancal evidence of this person's activities.  

What causes this or how should we treat her?  Employees do not want to touch anything she touches, etc.  THe cleaning crews are put in an unsafe position.  Please help.  

Thanks much - Security130

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Two aspects, besides mental illness of course, are at play here.
1. No real consequences and
2. Power: its one thing they control that gets a reaction from staff and other inmates.
First I suggest that the next time this behavior occurs get a really, really strong deodorant. One that stinks in its own way. Each time you make it clear the deodorant is a reaction to the smell of the crap.  Next: keep the reaction /comments to a minimum. So there is no sense on her part of having an impact on anyone.  Over time it should decline /stop. If not then sneak in some dog **** and drop it off in her cell... she'll get the idea. Best of luck.
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I have been on a decline. I have gained tremendous weight. I became obsessed with it. It isn't power. My female body is mine. I was a cheerleader. Always exposed in the limelight and had to wear tight mini skirts. Well, I could only do that for so long. I got tired, I felt like my body was everyone elses. I didn't feel safe (for a long time) now that I have healed I can say it wasn't power, it's inner brokenness.
What does that mean???  Are you saying that you were a fecal smearer, and that you did it to reclaim your sense of control over your own body, and that you did it because of... brokenness?  Because if you did it to regain power, that might be the result of brokenness, but it is also a way to regain power.  If you are mentally healthy now, please expand on this!  The rest of us need your help understanding!!!
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