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Asymptomatic STD obsession, please help!

The obsessive thought: I have an STD that is lying dormant but one day I will look down there and there will be warts, or I will get a blood test and I will have HIV.

The Compulsion:
-I pick and tear apart every single ingrown hair to make certain it is a hair.
-constantly check my genitals numerous (and I mean A LOT) times a day, no matter the location I will run to hiding place or bathroom.  
-constantly get exams and blood tests

Any tips to getting rid of these? Please help me. I have never had any symptoms of anything, but my brain won't stop this torture.
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Hi there....sounds exhausting!  So have you sought help from a psychologist or psychiatrist for this problem?  Have you officially been diagnosed with OCD?  

Also have you looked at the cycle that OCD obsessive thinking follows?  You think the thought, you overanalyze it, you test, you get the results and feel good for about 5 seconds and then you obviously start the cycle all over again.  The trick is to stop the thought the second it starts so that you don't get to the other steps in the cycle.  

I would suggest looking into the book self-coaching by Joseph Luciani as well as professional help.  

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