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Can Amnesia cure Somatic OCD, like awareness on breathing?

If you get amnesia, do you think you will forget the habit, and live normally?
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Hi there...I am not an expert on amnesia but if you think about sleep as kind of a form of unawareness...while you are sleeping your body is still breathing.  Breathing is a reflex and we don't have any control over it.  Sure we can hold our breath but at some point you have to stop because your body wants to breathe.  The funny thing is whenever I read posts like this the first thing I do is take in a deep breath.  

Are you afraid you will stop breathing?  Also, have you sought out any psychological help for this?  
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No, I'm not afraid that I will stop breathing, it's the irritation of focusing on my breath that I hate. The reason why I desperately need a memory loss is to forget that I discovered this habit. I haven't sought a psychological help though. I've been anxious about this for a week. I feel hopelesss. Can you give me an advice?
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Have you read this article?

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i have been through this type of ocd,amnesia is not a solution for it.
because ocd will come back in another form and memory loss will have serious affects.

somatic ocd is just other type of ocd, u have to take medication and therapy to get control of ocd. this problem will automatically get solved.

some things you can do by urself is to focus on ur breathing forcefully , this is called exposure therapy, run on a treadmill so that ur breathing increases and focus on it . so that ur mind will get bored from it , this will help u
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