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Do I have bipolar disorder?

I have OCD and general anxiety. And this idea of potentially having bipolar disorder may very well just be my mind playing tricks on me.
Lately I have been very moody. I am 18 and a freshman in college. I have not been sleeping well, have not been eating well, and I have been under a lot of stress. The past few days I was very very moody. One second I felt optimistic and happy, the next second I felt so so depressed. I am at that time of the menstrual month when I am moody. I think I feel this way almost every month at this time and just forget about it later...also I think some months are much worse than others.
Could this be hormones/OCD or could I be developing bipolar disorder? I know that symptoms commonly begin around this age. I do feel so sad and then happy and then sad again within a matter of minutes, but I do not feel a loss of control. Although I feel optimistic and happy, I do not act on it (such as going on a shopping spree, etc.) I am happy but not exactly "high." Although sometimes when I am joking around or have coffee or get needed sleep I talk very quickly.
What do you think this could be?
For some reason the thought of having bipolar disorder makes me so anxious, I guess because then I would have to take medicine.
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   If you have ocd and anxiety disorder it would be worthwhile to discuss these concerns with a psychiatrist. If you were specifically diagnosed with these conditions by a psychiatrist it would be helpful to speak to them again. Symptoms can change over time, sometimes additional concerns can occur and sometimes hormonal changes can be a trigger for mental conditions.
  However only a psychiatrist would understand the clinical specifics of this.
Bipolar as well as ocd and anxiety disorder does respond to medication but talk therapy and for some people cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful as well. You can discuss your concerns about medications and whether its needed with a psychiatrist.
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I'm not a dr by no means and at ur age I talked about my problems like you just stated above.. And now I'm I in my 30 s diagnosed with bipolar ... But I think a lot of it was I didn't want to believe I had that disorder so I minimized and denied a lot of my symptoms and was not 100% honest . My suggestion to you is be 100% honest with your self and your therapist so you can get the proper treatment you need don't be scared or embarrassed bc of the stigma on MI !! Not saying you are or that's the problem but  It's better to find out what the problem is and seek the right treatment then deal with it for years untreated.... Hope everything works out for you !! God bless
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Also for yrs my diagnosis was depression anxiety ocd as well !!
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