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Fear of having a personality disorder!

OK well I have ocd and intrusive thoughts and I have a lot of the symptoms for a personality disorder.... Now I have a fear of having one..... I'm scared I might be phsyco and do something violent! Please help!does anyone have any advice???
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Hi there and sorry for the delay.  Do you have professionally diagnosed OCD and have you ever seen a psychologist/psychiatrist?  

People with OCD fear we are going to turn into all manner of things.  It makes sense to think that we have another mental disorder when we are in the thick of having intrusive thoughts that we just can't handle.  
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Also keep the focus on this thread.  I saw you had three of them going which just tells me your OCD is running rampant.  
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wow i am so pleased to see that there are other women in the same situation as me , i am currently 5 months pregnant and over the past two weeks i have had the awful thought that the baby is not my partners . i dont remmber sleeping with anyone else and im sure i would knw if i did but i just cant stop thinking that this baby is going to come out looking nothing like my partner and i even think the baby will come out a different race to him !! i have been through my diary and my phone and i have peiced together my days from around the time of conception and although i knw i was only at work or at home i still thinki its possible that i slept with someone on the way to work or at work !!! its driving me insane and even though i have no evidence that i did anything and no REAL memory of it happening i feel so so so guilty and worried and all i want is for this pregnancy to hurry up so i can finally get this stress ver with on the delivery day !!! i feel like i do have images of me sleeping with someone else but they also feel like they coud be made up images because the person doesnt really have a face and the thoughts are of me having sex at work and i wonder how this person could have even got into my work place and then i think that surely if i had sex with someone i would knw there name first or remember some kind of converstation or something more than just these images i am having .
this is truely ruining my pregnancy and because i cant be 100 percent sure that im not wrong i just cant get over thinking it ...even though i love my partner more than my own life and i could never imagine hurting him or cheating on him i somehow fear that i have :/
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your symptoms look like that of ocd. Since you are doubting yourself and checking your memory again and again.But i can't diagnose you here,you need to consult a psychiatrist.

Generally the treatment of ocd consists of medicine as well as cognitive behavior therapy,so its better if you take therapy also
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