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Fear of turning gay, Irrational Panic?

I am a 21 year old straight guy and am currently in a heterosexual relationship.

Through out the year for the last number of years i've had periods, generally lasting a week or two then stopping until i notice it happening again, where i'd feel far less attraction of women than i normally would.

Personally i have no problem with guys liking guys and if i were to be gay i wouldn't have a problem with it per se, however it wouldn't be a thing i'd be in to or would see myself partaking of.

However, during these low periods i generally feel like my sexual attraction levels towards guys are about the same as girls if not a little less, but this still freaks me out because i start to think i could be gay and that i just didn't know i was gay and i start checking out women and men to determine if i find them attractive or not to try to convince myself that i'm not gay.

For as long as i remember i've only like girls and i've never heard from my family or friends of me having crushes on anyone except girls since i was a child.

The last few days i've been in another low sexual attraction period and it's been freaking me out more than normal. I am finding it very difficult to sleep at night, i've been feeling very anxious about it with a couple of panic attacks surrounding this issue.

I saw a counselor two years ago for different but similar thoughts (intruding and irrational thoughts) and i was fine after seeing the counselor for a number of weeks, i was happy and content for about six to twelve months.

I just need some idea of what's going on, i really can't find a way to calm myself down about this because no one else i know seems to be going through this type of fluctuation.

I just want to feel my normal ordinary heterosexual self and not having myself worrying about this.

Sorry this was so long. Thanks for reading it all.  
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