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HIV and OCD with blood in environment

Hello everyone.I read some topics in this forum and see that some people have fear of hiv like me.

I think it has happened 2.5 years ago when I had protected sex with woman and naked boday massage.After that I always thought about this situaton for several months until I took HIV negative  test.

I thought the problem  was solved but it never ends.After that I has been developing unreasonalble fear of hiv.I fear when I saw blood in sink or even just handjob.I took around 20 hiv tests from situations I mentioned to you.

Yesterday I saw multiple drops of blood in public bathroom in the sink next to me.I began to fear I accidently got it on my hand and touched  nose.(although I am sure I didn't do it).

Man,I'm tried of taking test like this situation again and again.I read and read from experts that it can't be a risk.

I just want to share my story.It's like endless problem to me.

I want to thank anyone who takes time to listen to this miserable story and for people who have OCD of hiv , I understand you and you are not alone.
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I'm as worried as you are, and the also fears, OCD of hiv, waiting for test!
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Read my post of my fears of HIV.
I've been dealing with this OCD for a long time and I know they"re irrational and I never had a risk but the OCD won't let things go!! I'm taking 200mg of Zoloft and it helps!! thids is no way to live! try and educate yourself on the ways you can contract HIV.. I know all the ways- But the OCD in my mind puts the WHAT IF's
your gonna be the 1st to get it this way!!
There are great people on this site, who are very understanding! the other part of OCD is the constant asking of reassurance! I've been there all the time!!
your not alone!!! I wish you the Best!
It'll get better!!!!!
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