to be honest, i don't know where to start. to sum it up, i KNOW i'm not a queer but for some reason i can't get gay thoughts out of my head. it's like my ****** up my mind is making them up in order to turn me gay. it's so ****** up. i think these gay *** thoughts to see if i get aroused, and i don't. but i CAN'T get them out of my ******* head. i just want to smash my head against a wall until i die. i'd rather commit seppuku then be gay. no offense to the gays out there, but it's against EVERYTHING i believe in. i LOVE woman. this has been happening for a few days now, this whole gay thoughts ****.

is it normal for a straight guy to not be "grossed out" by gay thoughts or gay things in general? i would never have sex or fall in love with a man, but i'm not "grossed out" by gay people, like my friends are. when i think about two dudes kissing i feel indifferent. i would never do that ****, but i don't feel grossed out either. is there any medication i can take to cure this ****? for real, i dread this is going to **** up my life worse than it already is. i feel disgusted just typing this up. like seriously, what the hell am i doing? but i just wanted to get my thoughts out there.
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i don't know it says i'm female? must have messed up the registration. anyway, i'm a dude.
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I am having the same problem! Thoughts can not turn you gay, but all the same I understand how distressed and frustrated you feel!
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I'm not grossed out by gays, and I'm straight... Then again, both my mom and my husband's mom are in relationships with women. I am very close with many of their friends, and have many dear friends of my own who aren't straight. It's not a big deal to me at all.

So... I guess we're proof that you can be indifferent to gay relationships but not be gay at all?

As a side note, someone gave me the advice when I was having obsessive thoughts to laugh at how ridiculous they are, because they are so absurd. It actually helped a little, randomly...
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