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Intrusive Obsessive Thoughts

I recently had a bad experience with some medications. I got an allergic reaction to them which caused breathing issues. Now all I do is think about breathing all day long, instead of just letting it happen naturally and without thinking.  How do I stop this insanity???? I've tried Meditation, tring to occupy my mind etc. and nothing seems to relieve this condition.Never had any thoughts like this before.  Could this be OCD with PTSD???  I'm really upset. Any thoughts, suggestions of what to do or anyone that has experienced this before would be most welcomed.
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It is anxiety in response to your breathing problem you encountered.  "What if...."  I totally get it as I was hospitalized in March for 9 days with pneumonitis.  Not fun.  And I will be the first to tell you that I have had the same problem you are having.  I practice controlled breathing.  It takes the anxiety edge off.  I'm sure during some of your meditation times, you felt pretty good.  I know I do.  

When you start to think about your breathing, you need to say to yourself "this is my anxiety talking."  Stop the thought before it goes on and on.  

Testing is bad but sometimes I throw on my pulse/ox just to make sure that I'm getting a good amount of oxygen.  And guess what...I always am.  

I think what you went through was traumatic and you need some help dealing with the thoughts.  Can you see a psychologist?  
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