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Is HOCD twisting it into more?

About a year ago I was at my friend's birthday party and I think (although I'm unsure) I kissed my (female) friend. I know she was drunk, although I can't remember how drunk I was. For some reason I've only now remembered and it's really bothering me. One, I can't remember if I did or whether it just passed through my mind. Two, I know I was drinking, but I don't know how drunk I actually was. I know it wasn't a massive kiss or anything, but it was still a kiss. I don't have feelings for her, I know that much. Was it just a stupid impulsive thing brought on by the drink? Or does this mean more?
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Help :(
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I'm worried I wasn't drunk enough to justify it :(
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Impulse....We do things drunk that we wouldn't dream of doing when we are sober.  Don't read anything into this especially since you don't even know if it happened.  No worries here....
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I keep worrying 'what if  I wasn't THAT drunk', I can't remember how drunk I was since it was so long ago :( I know I was drinking, but I can't remember how much :/ does it matter how drunk I was?
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