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Is this OCD...please help HIV OCD

This is a long story and reason behind this post is to get some assurance from the experts. Two years back in 2016 i had kissing encounters with a women i knew at that time. A year back i came to know kissing gives oral herpes and went into constant thing about what if scenario that i might have got herpes from my encounters. I used to think every minute about the fear of me having herpes as it does not have any symptoms. Fast forward two months back i shared it to my best friend who encouraged me to go for testing and i did a full panel test and everything came back negative. I am a 28 male virgin who never had any sex. Moving forward on August 13th i went to a strip on ny birthday. I took some 4 private dancesin private couch...just dances nthng else... two days after trip to club..i started getting thoughts like something needle syringe struck my butt and unknowingly i got hiv because of it...from then on i am regularly getting sudden and intense fearful thoughts when i think that something might have struck me at the club....my heart knows i came home safe...i do not even drink alcohol
...is this ocd or i might have really struck something and it went unnoticed which is not possible in reality i believe....our skin can sense even if a fly lands in the skin...i beg to help me from experts...thanks
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@JGF25.....please help
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