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Is this normal?

I think I have an abnormal fear of getting a STD or blood born illness. I think it started after I found out my brother has hepatitis. I hate touching anything now. Using public restrooms is a nightmare and now after my brother uses the washing machine I run many loads of towels before I feel safe to use it. I feel like it is taking over my life. I know that this fear is irrational but I feel like it is getting worse...
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Sounds like you need to get some help. Untreated OCD almost always worsens and your world will grow smaller and smaller. Go to this website and find a therapist, and talk to your dr. about the possibility of medication. And read, read, read! Educate yourself on OCD. Start with the articles that I  have posted.

Good luck!

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"Hypothetically, primitive cleaning and checking behaviors are "hard-wired" in the thalamus".

from: http://ocd.stanford.edu/about/understanding.html

So in short, it is normal for everyone to verify anything that maybe harmful.

Just think through it rationally. for example, a quick search on google about STD from toilets:
"MYTH: You can catch STD from a toilet seat"

No logical reason for it take over your life. Take care. Message me if you need any further help.
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Hi there.  Any time I hear the words "taking over my life" I know it is now time to act.  Do you know how your brother got hepatitis?  
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I'm not sure I have much advice, but I am dealing with the EXACT same thing as you - Same exact fears and I even like to run a load of bleach and soap with no clothing in the wash before I use it to help me feel as though there is no "hepatitis" in the washer (though I don't even live with anyone who has it that i'm aware of). I would suggest seeing a therapist and/or psychiatrist. That's what I am doing currently. My therapist diagnosed me with OCD, but says it can be treated. I would get help before it gets worse and also just so you can have a peace of mind.
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sharing needles when he would use heroin :(
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thank you, and best of luck to you
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