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OCD, excessive worrying or genuine concern?

A little more than a day ago, I fed some stray cats some ham. I dropped pieces of ham on the ground for safety, but one cat decided to go straight for the ham in my hand. Its nails grazed my right hand, but it didn’t break skin or anything like that. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but later on I found a cut of approximately 2 millimeters on my left hand, which left me worried that it had grazed my left hand as well and I just didn’t notice. I couldn’t be sure bc I had art class that afternoon, and we were using carving knives, and it wasn’t like I didn’t accidentally cut myself before. Then, I remembered that (gross past ahead) since the cat didn’t seem all that interested in a few pieces of ham on the ground, I picked them up and gave them to another cat, who gobbled them up. When I returned home, I forgot to wash my hands before conveniently getting an M&M on the table. I’m kind of (read: extremely) worried that the ham I picked up had cat saliva on it and between the “could-have-been scratch” and the “could-have-been cat saliva”, I may have rabies. The sources online are very conflicted, but most say it’s only theoretically possible, but in real life, not likely. Still, I’m really paranoid about this, and as someone who probably has Harm OCD, the symptoms of rabies absolutely terrifies me. (Not to mention I’m 14 and none of my parents know about my OCD, and I live in a community where OCD isn’t commonly acknowledged or taken seriously, or accepted, or even heard of when it doesn’t mean sth like “perfectionist”.) Anyway, I’d really appreciate any advice or just an opinion of whether this is OCD, excessive worrying or a genuine concern. Thank you so much :)
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You say your parents don't know about your OCD, so how is it you know?  At your age, to get a diagnosis from a professional would mean your parents knowing, as they'd be paying for it and supplying the therapist.  So is this a professional diagnosis or are you hitting the Google machine and self-diagnosing?  I'm asking because, first, nothing you're describing sounds like OCD, and second, defining yourself by a diagnosis can make it come true.  The mind is a powerful thing.  I'm no expert on cat saliva, but you didn't get bit.  The issue really isn't whether you're worried about this, it's, do you obsess over things on a regular basis?  If you do, and it's making your life hard, it's time to talk to your parents and get an appointment with a professional therapist so you can figure out why you do this.  I'll leave the chances of a problem with the cat to others who might be more aware of cat dangers.  
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