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OCD about money, smoking

Is there any type of medical treatment available for someone who is OCD about their money?

I dont even know if thats a properly recognized form of OCD, but I find myself constantly checking my bank account and credit cards online several times a day, often times more than a dozen times each. Ive tried carrying cash in my purse before, but I hated fearing I might not be able to keep track of it, so I usually carry no cash.

Ive never been properly diagnosed OCD, but I may have other symptoms, like Im really particular about always wearing bandaids on my heels when I wear shoes without socks, which is like everyday; and I suppose Im more or less a chain smoker, since I smoke like two or sometimes three packs a day. Addicton notwithstanding, I think I might be OCD about my smoking because I am extremely specific about the way I open each pack of cigarettes, the way I hold and light each cigarette, what kinds of lighters I'll use to light my cigarettes, etc. I dont know if theres any treatment for that other than quitting smoking, which is something Im not interested in.

But yeah, anyone have any tips for managing their OCD about managing their money?
- Thanks, Rach
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Thats so true about the smoking, I totally am weird about how I hold my cigarettes and how I open my pack too!  I dont know if thats OCD or what though, but I wouldnt worry about it.

The money is harder to say. Since I never really seem to have any money, I dont feel the need to look in an empty purse all the time. Ha. Seriously though, a dozen times a day sounds like alot Rachel. I guess if its on a smart phone its not different than a facebook addiction, but I dont know.

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Honestly most smokers are like that, its a masochistic ritual. 2 - 3 packs a day is insane, you clearly have a problem. Cigarettes are garbage. Why not see a physician? Is it a cost problem, US medical system..
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