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OCD issue with my daughter

I am having an issue with my 2 year old daughter.  She is a little too young to be diagnosed with anything, but she is having some OCD tendencies, primarily with the order of how things are done.  She might be on the autistic spectrum, but at 2 is too young for our doctor to figure out (we're seeing a top developmental pediatrician, so we are seeing a specialist and he said it's too early to tell but she had a lot of tendencies and either had autism or OCD or something else or nothing with tendencies towards all of those)...

Anyways, to get to the topic at hand... she likes to put her clothes and shoes on in a certain order.  Left arm before right, left pant leg before right, and left shoe before right.  Well, I didn't realize but I always put my left shoe on before my right shoe.  But now my daughter wants me to put my shoes on with my right shoe first.  She has a meltdown if I do it in my order instead of hers, and they're my feet, not hers!!  She can put her left shoe on first on her feet all she wants.  I don't care what order she does her own shoes.  Why should she bug me about what order I do my own shoes?  So, do I change my order, and get over it (my feet really feel just totally wrong for the first half hour of wearing them unless I take them off and put them back on), or do I stand my ground?  I mean, I guess i have to worry if I don't stand my ground, if she sees some stranger putting their shoes on with left before right, she might freak out in public.  And why does she get to put her left shoe on before her right and make me put my right on first?  

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when my youngest son was 2-3 years old...he had the "order" thing going on.  it about drove us crazy...lol.  everything had to be in a certain order...even how we left the house to get in the car. if someone went out the door and they were out of line...he would pitch a fit.

he is now 20 years old...a gifted student... and on a full scholarship at the auburn university school of engineering :)  

relax...i think everything will be ok.  it is more than likely a "control" issue instead of an OCD problem.
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She asks you to because she can and you do it.  Ask questions about why, let her have a meltdown, Good luck
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This is a little different scenario, but relativity the same kind of issue:

I'm an adult male, but had 'order issues', especially regarding shoes early as I can remember as a child.  To this day I straighten other peoples shoes in my family if they aren't placed exactly were I want them.  My family is used to my 'rearranging' in the household and normally don't have any issues unless they can't find something  -- this of course happens occasionally due to my OCD condition.  
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