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OCD or Real risk-Please confirm me

hi people,

ARRRRGGGAGGGGHHHHH im going mad and dont no what to do.Things seems to happening to me.its not leaving me.I dont know no whether it is a real risk or not.

Today i had a blood drawn for my insurance policy.I had every thing covered during the process but forgot about the cotton wool(did not notice the cotton wool).Now iam going GAGA over it.The nurse took the blood and rubbed the cotton on my vein.Then she took the cotton and placed on the table.But after that i had a blood drop(only one drop) pop out of the syringe punture mark.I told the nurse abt that.She sudenly took the cotton on the table and wiped of that blood drop and placed on vein and held it for nearly 30 secs.Now iam getting so many what ifs.i dont no what to do.

1)what if there was previous users blood drop still in that table(Not in dried state).The nurse placed the cotton on that un dried blood and then placed it on directly on my blood pop up and pressed it.The time gap between the cotton placed on the table and then placing on my vein suudenly is only in between 5 - 8 secs.

I am worried and pulling my hairs now....some one please help....is this real risk for HIV or its just my OCD.help me
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I have this too . I hate needles even when I see them  unwrap the whole thing freshly In front of ne I still ask.is it clean .? And worry what if it's contaminated .. this might not hep at all but it's just your ocd. Kicking in trying to scare you .
Try taking  deep breaths and reminding yourself there's nothing to worry about .
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No, you have no risk whatsoever.  HIV does not survive on any surface.  And besides that, no nurse is going to reuse anything from a previous patient.  You need to get help from a psychologist for your HIV anxiety if you haven't already.  
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Do not worry about it. The lab tables are cleaned after each person. Anything like HIV will not live outside of body like that for any amount of time anyway. If it did any of us girls who have bought second hand earrings would be in trouble. Think positive thoughts. It is in your ability to stop the compulsive what is with your own mind set.
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Sorry bad typing. I meant to type - It is in your ability to stop the compulsive "what ifs" with your positive mind set... best wishes.
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Hahhhh guys i cat belive what is happening to me.

Exactly 16 days after this incident(the main which i posted above)i am having a sore throat,Dry cough and a fever over 100 c.I cant.My doc told its not an allergic infection its a viral infection.He gave me some meds and iam taking it today.

I thought i cant happen and it was jus my OCD.Now it seems realy i got affected.I dont no what to say iam at loss of words jus crying....
You need to relax. Most people catch colds a short time after going to the doctors office.
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You know what....you just described the cold my son had this weekend....
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Do you KNOW how many common, garden variety viruses are out there, things that cause the common cold, upper respiratory infections, gastritis (tummy "flu)?  This has NOTHING to do with HIV.

You really need to start focusing on mental health treatment so you can start working on your OCD, otherwise, you will continue to have these catastrophic reactions to things that are literally of NO major concern.

Just to ease your mind, the fever that accompanies ARS in newly HIV infected persons is always HIGH, usually over 101, it's normal in ARS for a person to have a fever of 102, 103.  A cough is not an HIV symptom either.

Get yourself some help!
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Hi nurse girl,

I dont no what to say and why all these things are happening to me.I had protected sex 4 months ago and had a negative test 120 days post exposure.Iam not on chemo or immuno cummpresive.I have a normal/healthy immune system.I had all the OCD thoughts that i could be positive due to that sexual enconnter.But all were put to rest and after that 120 days negative test.I was about to turn to my normal life than this incident happened.I just opted for a medical insurance and they asked me to get a routine blood test for this policy.That is were i went along with this Cotton in blood thing.Now just after 15 days after that incident iam down with fever and sore throat.
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My docter told that this is not an allergic cold,But a viral infection.
I dont have any chance to get a viral infection.No one in my home or sorrounding is affected by a viral thing.I never had a fever for the past 5 years.
It started with a cough(a strong urge to cough)from this monday(19th may)afternoon.I got up on tuesday moring(20th may) with a sore thorat and fever over 100 c.The highest measured temperature was 100.4 c.So i took one tablet which the doc prescribed me yesterday night.I was crying the whole night how unlucky iam to get affected by HIV during a normal blood test that too with a cotton swab.Thoughts of sucide came along my mind.I asked to my GP about that"is it possible to get affected during a normal routine bloood test that too with the cotton swab"

He said it could not happen.But not imposible.Onle one person in a crore will can get affected this way that too with a serious disease like HIV.
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The good things is that after taking one tablet last nite today my sore throat is gone.The fever temperature has fallen from 100 c to 99.6 c.but still having a strong urge to cough.I hope this is just a coincedence.What a time to get this coincedence.I still very worried and nervous that i could the unluckiest person in the world to get affected this way.just praying to god that iam ok here.
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I dont have any chance to get a viral infection.No one in my home or sorrounding is affected by a viral thing

I'm afraid to tell you that you don't understand what a virus or viral infection is.  There are many common viruses that cause colds, etc that you could be exposed to anywhere.  Some people may have been exposed to a virus but never developed symptoms, but they could still pass it to others.

You're NOT the unluckiest person in the world.  Your tests proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't have HIV, and the cotton ball incident would NOT be a risk, period.  Your irrational, anxiety fueled thinking is the problem and what needs addressed.  Otherwise, you just stay on the merry go round, crying because you've convinced yourself of something that just isn't factually true.  That's no way to live.  Get some help!
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Thank you so much Nurse girl-You are realy a godsend for worried wells like me.My account has been deactivated here.So i created another account just to say thank you to you.Today is my 27th day after my blood/cotton ball incident.i tested today with the 4th gen test(P24 antigen and antibody)& it was negative.Also today is the 13th day from the onset of my symptoms i ve faced.I am confident now that had cought some kind of normal cold/flu.

Day1-blood draw cotton ball incident happened.
Day-15 to day-21-I had seven days cold/flu like symptoms
Day27-Got tested with 4th gen test-Its negative.

If that was my seroconversion means i would have had antobodies (if not atleast p24 antigen).But the result cam back as negative.I will address my OCD concerns/problems  with some physicist shortly.I heard CBT is good for ocd persons.Would like to hear your openion about it.

I once again thank everybody for suppporting me in this issue.

Thank you!!!!(i know i may get banned shortly but before that i just wanna say thanks for helping me out)

Thank you!!!
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