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OCD was a job skill?

I had to fill out one of those endless forms to see a new PDoc and one question was "Do you have any formal diagnosises?"  Well there is this nifty online med thing from the place I go to see my GDoc and I looked up my stuff.  I see all the stuff I expect and a couple of things I didn't know (or somehow forgot) and the most weird was that I had OCD.  To me OCD is "Munk" (the TV show)  I don't know if anyone else watched that show but the guy had to wear the same exact suit (He had like 15 of the same thing) his house was germ free and he had all this habits of touching every post one after the other on his walks.  And... so I am thinking this has to be an error.  Then I read this thing about OCD perfectionists?  Never good enough (Check)    Putting things off (Check)   Going over the same stupid line of thought everyday at times.  One of the places I worked told me that in this department you scored A+ or Fail.  There was nothing acceptable but A+   I did ok and spent a lot of time worrying I wasn't cutting it.   OCD for me also meant cutting my finger nails to the quick so I didn't tear out the cuticles as badly as usual.   I  went on meds for Depression and Anxiety (Life took a major Dump on me) and that stopped.

Anyhow - I'm new at this OCD biz.  Thats my story.
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Hi there.  OCD is different for everybody.  What I might irrationally think about, someone else may not.  I don't have germ problems.  I'm actually a messy person.  I don't have to touch things.  There are people that have compulsions and other that have pure irrational thinking or sometimes a combination of the two.  You cannot compare people.  Monk is a TV show and of course they wanted to highlight OCD in a big way so they made him over the top...not that that isn't possible.  But again, it is different for everybody.  

Are you still on meds?  Still doing well or not?
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Yes, still on meds.  I think the non OCD issues were things that got "broke" that being depression / anxiety so after being done with the cause (my now ex wife) I still take the antidepressants and anxiety stuff.  The OCD still has me scratching my head.  Your certainly right about Munk.  Over the top so I thought that can't be me... Well its probably not anyone.  At least not many people.  Thanks for asking and I'm sorry I just stopped visiting here for a couple years.  I'm kind of in the "Happily Ever After" mode now so I came back to revisit some of my Diary and thank God I'm where I am now and not where this all started.
So, JamesC186282, does medication work for you keeping all mental health things mostly in check?  I'm glad things are doing much better for you it sounds like!
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thanks for the comment.  I guess I have had just about every dumb thought when it comes to mental health issues,   Fortunately the people who have helped me have made it not as weird as it is on TV and Movies.  Anyway thanks for posting.  
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