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Question about my sister

My sister may have OCD. She's 10 years old and recently her tantrums have been getting out of hand. Getting her to school, to practice, and in bed are all points where she'll go off, screaming like there's no tomorrow. It is at a point now where it severely disrupts the whole house.

My mom believes its OCD because what triggers these tantrums are OCD-like issues, like opening and closing her door, having a neat room, etc... Also, we have a family friend who suffers greatly from mental health issues, so we know what something small can develop into, and my sister's behavior is really scaring my mom.

I However, think my sister is faking it, here's why:
- She always makes a point to make it as disruptive as possible, she wants the whole house to stop what they're doing and come try to get her to stop screaming
- I never respond to her tantrums, and instead scold her, and she is much calmer when alone with me
- My mom responds to her tantrums, giving her sympathy and consoling her, which I think encourages her pretending, and invariably my mom's presence makes my sister's OCD worse
- My mom also tries to treat my sister herself, by calling the OCD "the voice," and explaining different symptoms of OCD (which I believe just gives my sister more information to base her act upon)
- My sister has a history of being sneaky and manipulative (Stealing things, lying, hiding somewhere until my parents freak out and think she's run off, actually running off, trying to control her friends, etc.)
- Lastly the way she screams just seems like an act to me, always over-the-top dramatic, belting warnings about how the voice is torturing her, that she's dying, and asking us if we want her to die. She makes sure to use the most grotesque and unnatural voice as possible, as if she is possessed.

I am not positive, but I think I might have had some form of mild OCD, or at least anxiety when I was younger. For a few years, every time I got into bed I thoroughly checked it for snakes and black widow spiders, my closet never remained open for more than a few seconds, and I constantly worried about my mom's safety (Sleepovers were a no go for me, I was too afraid I would wake up to the news my parents died in a fire. Every time my mom was more than a minute late picking me up from practice I had a panic attack because I thought she had died in a car crash on the way. I remember sobbing after sailing practice because my mom was 30 minutes late).

The main difference is however, I tried to keep all my little habits to myself; I secretly checked my bed and always made an excuse for leaving sleepovers. My sister is the exact opposite because she wants everyone to know how much she's suffering from the voices telling her to open and close the car door multiple times.

I know I sound horribly cynical, and I probably make it sound like my sister is the manifestation of all evil. I love my sister a lot, and it could be a possibility that I am opposing my mom's claims of OCD because I myself am in denial.  

I would really appreciate some more perspective on this. I'm sorry for the length I just wanted to include everything.
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well from what u have written i can only say that u definitely have ocd, and if it is mild today it can get severe in future, my symptoms were almost like u , fear from snakes, when my parents got late i would think that they might have died in a accident, so please get urself treated.

regarding ur sister i think may be because she is 10 years old or it could be that she has generalized anxiety disorder with ocd that she gets so high anxiety and screams but i think  diagnosis from a psychiatrist will only reveal what is the exact problem
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Hi there.  Everybody in your family is just guessing and that needs to stop.  She needs to be taken to a child psychologist so that a diagnosis can be made.  There doesn't have to be just one.  A couple different disorders can manifest at the same time so that is why it is important to get to the bottom of this.  I strongly stress a psychological evaluation.

Many studies out there say that OCD is genetic so you having a bit of a problem doesn't surprise me.  

What I don't like to read is that you will find excuses to leave a sleepover.  Well that isn't fun.  Wouldn't you rather get rid of this irrational thinking and stay with your friends?  Giving into the thought and leaving is actually bad and it keeps your OCD front and center.  So I also think that you need to see a psychologist as well.  There is no reason you need to suffer in silence with this disorder.  There are many things available to help you through this and to lead what will pretty much be an OCD free life.  
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