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OK well I have posted something like this before but.... Now its getting worse! OK well I have ocd and a fear of schizophrenia.... Well for the past week or two ( since I have had this fear) I have been "hearing" things but..... I kinda knew they were things in my environment..... BUT the last day or two I have been "hearing" things that I know for a fact are not there! Yeah a few times I knew it was something in my environment but :/ some things I know aren't there! Ugh it scares me :( it could be worse tho :/ I'm just tired of living my life in fear! And its really bad when I have that fear on my mind or I am reading about it...
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People with schizophrenia doesn't realize that they are hearing stuff aren't there, and they usually response to these hallucinations as if they are real while they aren't. I've noticed that you're posting too much about it, and no you don't have schizophrenia. And you aren't showing any symptoms other than hallucinations. Schizophrenia jsmt only about hallucinations it's about losing touch with reality. That means that they think is a very different way, such as delusion. And schizophrenia has the Positive symptoms and negative symptoms that you should check if you're too worried, but what you mentioned doesn't indicate Schizophrenia AT ALL. Stress usually makes people hallucinate, and also lack of sleep and tiredness give hallucinations as well as other mental disorders like BPD. You can't self diagnose if you have schizophrenia or not because it's no joke, and people with schizophrenia doesn't even know that they are mentally I'll until someone notices that there is something wrong with them. Stop and don't let you ocd makes worry about having other mental illness and makes you feel that you're hallucinating because OCD makes you think that you're having them she you're not    but its yourself trying to convince yourself that you have schizophrenia or not so be aware of your ocd and the way it makes you think, I know that its not controlled so visit psychologist ASAP and he / she will diagnose you if you have other mental illness and gives you medications for your ocd to stop letting you thinking that way and  letting your mind races with negative thoughts, and maybe he will give you a medication for other mental illness if you were actually diagnosed with them. Hope I helped
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Thank you, its just.... Whenever something happens I get this urge to seek reassurance :/
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Hello Elizabeth, I commented on your last post where you were concerned about hearing voices. I hope you read it. I'm wondering, you've said that it appears that it's getting worse? Can you say what it is you've been hearing that has you so frightened?
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Ok well, I'm starting to have a mental breakdown :( ok well I have been more paranoid about hearing voices and stuff and now I could swear I heard someone whisper " hey" but then again my sister was right next to me and was on her phone and I heard that if you keep thinking about hearing voices you can hear something and think you're hearing voices! I'm so scared :(  what if I am schizophrenic!?!?! What do I do! I don't think I'll be able to take it! Ugh I don't know what to do :( plus my mom won't make me a doctors appointment :/ she's kinda lazy about that stuff.
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It is just your ocd playing with you, persons with schizophrenia are usually  very clear about what they hear , it is just ocd playing tricks with you, but  reassurances don't work in ocd and after some time it will become a compulsion for you to seek reassurance whenever these obsessive thoughts hit you.

So it is better you take professional  help from either a psychologist or psychiatrist
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