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Thoughts or schizophrenia?!??

OK well I have posted many questions about this but I started realizing that I didn't have it or I was just over analysing sounds. But over these last few days I keep "hearing" little things like bubbles popping  or someome cofing or a door closing ECT.sometiems its when I have just woken or am trying to fall asleep or most of the time it's when I'm in complete silence or I'm in a almost silent place. Sometimes it's very real and somtimes its very distinct.... Almost like its a thought but why would I have a thought of a sound? I'm terrified! Ugh and my anxiety keep going through the ruff because i keep thinking "well, its only a matter of time before I start hearing voices" ECT,ECT,ECT,ECT. Im  Tired of it! Any advice till I can see a doc?also what should I say to the doctor? I'm only 13.... I don't want to say anything in front of my mother tho....also I have all the symptoms of ocd so maybe it's related?
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It is very common for ocd sufferers to check themselves for mental disorder like schizophrenia/bipolar/psychosis. Just tell the doctor about all these thoughts and other symptoms of your ocd, everything will be fine.

If you want some help before consulting a doctor you can a purchase a book"Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD" by christine purdon. Its a very helpful book for pure o sufferers.
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