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feces smearing

my child is 14 and has Prader-Willi syndrome.  He has been hiding feces for a few years but recently, in the last two weeks, starting smearing it.  This is not minor smearing, it is all over his carpet, walls, bed.  He doesn't seem upset, he doesn't know why he does it.  He did it 7 times in 9 days!  Every time we clean it he does it again.  I am thinking maybe we should leave some so we won't "need" to do it again?  I'm really puzzled.  Anyone have any information or comments?  This is not a typical PWS behavior, at least from what I saw on line.

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Page 415 of this book may help:
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My daughter is 9yrs old and has been doing the same thing since she was 1 1/2. It annoys me to no end and i can't seem to get answers! I'm at wits end with this the only thing she has been diagnosed with is ADHD. Please don't feel alone in this as I have for so many years. Good luck hope you find answers and if so please share! God bless
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Hi there.  I invite you to go over to the ADHD forum and see what others have posted regarding this.  I know people have posted in the past about fecal smearing.  You may also want to post.  Sandman has a lot of good information.  Good luck.  
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