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Abilify and Pristiq

Can I start these 2 meds at the same time … my Dr prescribed and went on vacation for 1 month I forgot if she said start pristiq first then start Abilify or did she say I can start them together ?
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There should be someone covering for your doctor while they are gone (legally, they have to have someone). Send a message through mychart and their staff will receive it and get back to you or call the office and inquire.  Seriously, legally, they have to have someone covering their patients at all times. Pharmacists are helpful as well.  My son takes prestiq.  He Has taken abilify.  When he took abilify, they just started it along with the SSRI (he was on prozac at the time).  You should have instructions on how to take it written into the mychart account.
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Please let me know how this combo works for you and what you think of prestiq.  My son was on another med with prestiq that we discontinued and he has had discontinuation syndrome.  Rough.  But I"m curious if you'll find relief from ocd with prestiq and abilify combo.
I have only started the Abilify so far on day 3 … I was supposed to start together but I dropped the pristiq bottle and pills fell on floor now because of contamination ocd I can’t take them and insurance won’t pay for a refill yet so doctor says just take the Abilify for now , I’m noticing it is helping me to change my behavior versus the ssri just kinda helped me manage my existing behaviors but never had courage or motivation to change my behaviors so I’m hoping that’s where Abilify will come in
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