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Fear of precum

Hi I am facing anxiety related to dried precum as I masturbate in shower post which if I wipe with my body towel I fear that if I wipe my hair  with same towers precum was l stick in my hair get dry and spread somewhere.Once I was in kitchen n felt some thing in my hair and instantly I felt panic as I had masturbated in shower same day. This is one of example of my fears ,sometimes I feel the Precum has dripped on floor through underwear or I have contaminated my sheet/bed which I am unable to trace as Precum is very little n transperent
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Hello, yes. This would be irrational fear.  I can explain why it is but know that what ocd craves is proving or disproving something.  So, I'm actually feeding your ocd by doing this. But in the shower, there is water. Rinsing everything away. And so, no precum is left. And in the off chance that there is, it's harmless.  It doesn't do anything. And your fear of it going through the flor and contaminating your bed. Not possible.  You need to go ahead and realize that this is a serious issue if you are irrational and having a phobia. Do you see a psychologist? If not, please do. This is treatable.  Exposure therapy is the best for this type of thing.  ERP therapy is what it is called and it is the gold standard.  Medication helps too.  Are there other things you have irrational fear about?
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Thnx for the comment yes have im approaching the dr ,no I dont have any other irrational fear(that 0.01%probablity scares me) only this contamination fear for my family,just one query u could answer all this anxiety stress again leads to masturbation is this part of issue
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