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Hearing voices????????

OK well I have ocd and I have had a fear of having schizophrenia! Ever since then I have been "hearing" things. Especially when I have that fear on my mind BUT I was in the bathroom and I thought I heard someone say "hello? Die" so I came out of the bathroom and I asked my mom what she said and she said that she was just talking to the cat... But she didn't say hello die! It sounded like someone was actually saying it .... Except it sounded like maybe someone across the apartment or something.... Kinda distint.
What is this????!?!?! Am I crazy?????? I don't know what to do anymore :( I have been thinking about ending it latley..... But I know I can't but its when things like this happen that make me want to just end it all! But I know it could be worse so I try not to complain much :/
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I think it's really important to look at all the angles when you come up against something in your life that is affecting you. First off, there is a medical component to consider. That requires opening up and talking to a doctor.

I hear voices as well. Not often, but it happens and when i happens I look at it as a positive thing, not a negative one.

For instance, when i conceived my son, i went into the bathroom, and i heard a booming male voice say to me "You've mixed new blood". Or when i was freaking out after a fight i had with my late husband, I most definitely heard a male voice call out my name "BETH !!!" Although I had not used my childhood name in 10 years, whomever it was that was trying to make contact obviously knew me as Beth, and not Liz. A year or so back, when i was alone in my bathtub, watching moves and sipping gingerale, I heard a male voice right outside my bathroom door clearing their throat. I don't think it was phlem that they were trying to expel, i believe that this cough was meant to let me know that my spirit guides were actively watching my back. 25 years ago when my son was small, I remember very distinctly flying away from my house as I slept. I remember it taking a lot of energy, to leave my body and remember being on the back porch, and flying over and over to a large tree in my backyard. I remember when i was drunk one night alone crying in a park, a loud voice calling my name, "Beth" again, loud enough to get my attention fully when i was inebriated. I will always remember these voices. One of my late husbands, (i have two) , was a juvenile diabetic, and I always knew when he "went down" and was having a grand mal seizure. Someone told me. in my head. So my point I'm making here is that many believe that we are quite able to hear those from the other side. I have had no negative communications with the spirits that show themselves to me, visually or in an auditory manner. I believe that is because the spirits that are around me are protecting me.

You might consider asking the spirits that should be around you, to protect you from those that might do your harm. Light a candle, be meditative and implore your spirit guides to protect you from harm. You might find yourself having the experience of hearing from a guide that lets you know that you are being protected as well.

I've had far too many things happen to me, to not consider that "voices" are not only as a result of mental illness. Although, it might be. The late great Sylvia Brown would suggest that you tell negative voices to leave you and to ask your positive spirits to protect you. Just sayin' keep an open mind. And let me know if you ever need to talk.

Getting help doing both things, talking ot a doctor, and reading about Wicca,n , might help you to actively feel safer and better.

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Having hallucinations isn't only a symptom of Schizophrenia, having a psychosis symptoms can be related to other mental disorders. I suggest you to check your symptoms, because it might be BPD (Borderline personality disorder) which is a mood disorder and includes some psychosis symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. Schizophrenia includes other symptoms like disorganized thinking and speech,Difficulties in working and long-term memory, attention, executive functioning, and speed of processing also commonly occur and lots of other symptoms. Im in the same situation as yours but I'm too afraid to check the doctor again

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