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Natural treatment for OCD

I was diagnosed with ocd and was prescribed Prozac. But I am not taking it for the fear of side effects and withdrawl issues. So I researched about the natural treatments and have been taking the following supplements for my OCD in the given amounts and have seen improvement in the way my brain handles irrational fears-
Vitamin B6- 40mg/day
Vitamin B12-1mg/day
Folic acid-1.6 mg/day
Vitamin D3- 60K UI powder sachet/week
Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera)- 500mg/day
Cod Liver Oil(Omega 3)- 1.2g/day
Turmeric with black pepper- 1 Teaspoon/day

The question is, for how long should I take these?
P.S. Though not fully recovered, I am feeling better and have clarity of mind. Please suggest the time period for which I should take these and suggest any additions or deletions.

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Hi there.  Sorry but I cannot answer this type of question on the forum.  I'm glad that this natural way is helping you but I cannot say what to add or for how long you should take these supplements.  Take care and may you continue to have good health.  
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Hey Thanks. But according to you, do all of these have effect on serotonin levels? Like I read that Turmeric is more effective than Prozac in treating depression.
I have not tried the natural way.  I took Prozac years ago and currently I'm on Wellbutrin.  I read that turmeric is good for inflammation and so I tried it but I don't think it did me any good.  Honestly I would find it hard to believe that turmeric is better than prozac at treating depression but what works for you may not work for someone else.  I haven't conducted research nor read any research about it so I really am not qualified to answer your question.  I think if this combination is working for you, then continue it.  What you have to realize though is that OCD is for life.  We will always have it but we can live very well with managed OCD.  If you decide to stop your regimen and you have problems, it would be good to have some cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to fall back on.  
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