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OCD --end of the world?

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone else on here suffers from end of the world fears? I have them constantly (even more now because we are in 2012) and how do you deal with them?

Thank you. God Bless.
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Well, it's an issue not reallly with the end of the world, but with death.  I hate to think of it too, but it' inevitable.  I find peace when I am able to pray and draw close to the Man upstairs.  Basically knowing that it will happen eventually is the 1st step and then having a peace with God / your spirituality is the 2nd step.  Worry willl not help you at all, try to focus on good thoughts.  Stop yourself from rethinking these fears and you will have peace and comfort with your life every day.  God bless you as well!
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Hello, how long had you been sufering from OCD? Is the fear only about the end of the world? Do you have a terapist to help you out? . This ilness is very complex and you will need support and curage to overcome your fears.i will write back to you soon to let you know about a BOOK that help me a lot ...God bless you.
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