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Rabies fear, irrational?

I have severe health ocd. Three weeks ago I was getting a canopy out of a storage bin that was on my deck all winter. It was super dusty. About five mins later my arm was itching and burning. I look and find multiple red dots on my arm. Probably 10-15. Immediately my rabies fear came to mind. I’m afraid there was a bay tangled in the canopy and it but me without knowing. Would a bat bite be felt?  Would it be a small mark or multiple marks like I had?  Can they even climb up smooth surfaces like a plastic bin?  There was no bat poop in the bin or on the canopy. I’m half tempted to lay $1000 for vaccines I probably don’t even need. Please help.
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I have similar fears. My therapist would tell me to lean into the fear and accept that I may have been bitten and have rabies. I have this occurrence frequently.  Even just yesterday. A poke after picking up a bin. Was it a bat?  No idea. I sat with the anxiety and let it go.
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Thank you for your response. I’m sorry you go through this too. Rabies is a hard obsession to ignore.  I started therapy and meds. Here’s hoping something helps!
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