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What should I do if the meds stop working as well?

I have been suffering with OCD since I was 12 years old. From age 12 to 23 it was an extreme case. I finally found a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with adhd believing this was the underlying disorder I was put on Adderal and for the first time in my life I had felt relief from my severe symptoms. I had been on 75 mg per day for a few years and then up to 120 mg per day for the last year. My question is why does my OCD seem to learn how to override my meds after a certain length of time and what can I do about it? If my OCD gets as powerful as it was for so many years I feel I'd be better off dead.
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Adderal is a ADHD med what med do you take for you OCD.

I take 200mg of Luvox and see a phycologist.

i also take a sedative after a panic attack

as well as now I'm on a sleeping med. for insomnia

I would be asking why you are not on a med that for OCD if you have both. If my Dr had me in ADHD med and my OCD was getting worse over time I would asking question as to why I was on ADHD med only.

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Over a period of time your body builds up a tolerance to the medication.  As medication becomes less effective higher doses are prescribed.

Medication usually only helps manage symptoms.  The most effective way to combat symptoms is usually to address the underlying issues through psychotherapy.
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