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Could I have fractured my tailbone unknowingly?

I have a worry that makes me wonder about possible problem.

I already posted it somewhere but I rarely get answers to anything I just copied my previous posts and pasted. I apologize if something repeats..

Anyways, about three and half years ago, a week before I begun my first actual job, I went out to a park for a rollerblade ride. Then one of the tiny wheels got blocked by equally tiny pothole causing the whole thing dump me right on my backside.
I am not quite sure whether I hit more on the bottom or higher up (but I believe the second) but I was able to get up and walk home. It was a bit painful when I got home and more painful at the moment right at the fall happening.
However week later I was at work (or maybe even sooner) and this job is really sedentary and I've been mostly sitting down for like 14hrs per one shift few times a week (guess together it's roughly 40hrs a week).

At first my lower back was sore slightly short period after my fall but then it all went away.
I've fallen on my bottom few times before this fall and like one or two times after in following couple years. But nothing made me feel like there is any problem at all.

Just this summer, if I think correct, I begun feeling some tenderness and mild ache around my sacrum and lumbar region (L4-S3 ish) especially after sitting down long work hours. I noticed only recently but somehow it could've been happening after I fell down my bicycle on my side but I had many parts hurting some time after that so I didn't pay attention. Now I just think back and see it being the only thing that might've caused it and I've done research which isn't much helping in figuring out the reasons or directions.

At one point my lower back hurt me so I barely could sit at all but it passed and now on daily basis it's an occasional ache that just gets on my nerves like tension headache does.

Maybe I'm just hypochondriac and imagining who knows, I'm just thinking whether or not I should monitor myself for some changes in case there is something more that just a bump or imagination too vivid...

So yesterday I couldn't even sit down longer. I was sitting on a chair at the table and watched some movie on my computer when i knew something was up again with my tailbone. This time I could tell the pain was more like in my tailbone because it was more between butt cheeks than up to my waistband.

So the pain and tenderness was direct and more as a dull ache than sharp.
I'm not sure if that's from my couple falls like 3 years ago and maybe from before.
But my latest and most freshest fall on my butt was 3 and half years ago now. Just weekend before I begun my office work.

I was rollerskating through a park on fresh asphalt when one tiny tiny pothole got hang of one of the wheels and blocked it pulling me down and I fell backwards on my butt. It hurt but I quickly got up and to the closest bench so I could recover. It didn't hurt too bad and I cannot recall that precisely whether it was more to my lower butt or more up my back where I hit the ground. But there was some pain and I believe small bruise next day.
I stayed seated for a bit to see if I can actually walk or roll anywhere. I was basically walking to the park and got my rollers on just at the park because I'm not that good on them nor is the road that good to ride that far on those things. And I'm definitely not rollerblades person nor a skateboard person. Now I know.

Anyways back then I sat for few more minutes and then rolled to the main gates to get them off and get home. I was able to walk just fine and skating wasn't painful too. So I assumed I'll be fine because obviously if I had a brake in any bone I'd be unable to walk at all and pain level would be up. Right?
I've never broken a bone in my life so my idea comes from other people experience.
Because so far I've fallen like crazy since I was tiny little bee and not even once had anything more than a bruise or scrape. I was jealous of my classmates that fancied broken arms in grade 3 and 8 because they always got the free ticket out of most school stuff I so hated to do because writing turned out hardest thing for my hand that kept hurting and spasming from all the fast writing so I always wanted to have some break from handwriting at school.
But it never happened and I kept my thoughts to myself because I was proud of the thing that first book I read after learning how to read was a medical encyclopedia lol.

Anyway in the past year I like last fall I fell from my new bike for the first time since getting it and I threw a wild guess my sudden onset of pain in my tailbone could be coming from that. Possibly.
Because before that I fell directly on my right elbow while stepping on the curb where hidden ice patch was and I didn't see it in the dark since it was early morning and I was hurrying to work bus.
I could've hit something else of course just never noticed because elbow was hurting too much and I was busy trying to figure out if I'll be okay to get to work and whether I won't need doctor since that moment pain was too much and felt like my whole arm was half paralyzed.
But it was just fine. At work it only hurt when I moved it or tried typing with my right hand because I needed to turn the wrist in order to do that but that movement caused pain shooting up my arm and flaring my elbow.

That was one fall. The bike next.

I can't tell the fall from bike was that painful. I did fall on my side though (not sure which one though) and mostly my shoulder was just smarting and like next day I could feel both my wrists in some tenderness based light pain. Shoulder of the arm I fell on was more than just tender. And opposite side knee did make a notice.

But I really noticed my tailbone pain that one day was most ever only after this fall even if I don't think I hit that part.
And I have a sitting job much longer than that. I'm almost four years at my job and that time almost four years ago when I fell on my butt I begun the job of sitting two days later when was my first shift.
And all this time I never had such pain in my tailbone like I felt few months ago nor yesterday.

I'm getting worried. Maybe I am sitting even more now. Because about six months ago I finally bought my first ever computer and been basically sitting all day in front of it. Maybe I should change some ways that I sit or walk around more.

As of the moment I am in my bed but the area keeps hurting in a dull way. It's like annoying more than painful in how I can describe it. But when I touch the spot I can definitely feel tenderness.

Is this something I should worry about?
Could there be something worth paying attention?

Am I just hypochondriac?

Thank you if anyone even reads this.
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If persistent clinical concern for traumatic sacral fracture, see your doctor and consider CT.

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