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Knee ligament

I am a 20 year old male. A year back, i was injured in a football match in which the part of my left leg below the knee got twisted. The doctor gave me medicines for tissue repair. I had an MRI done two days back and the report says
1.Minimal intra articular fluid in the lateral compartment.
2.Rupture of ACL at the femoral attachment, likely posttraumatic. Anterior tibial subluxation.

I want to know What exactly has happened? What is the treatment? and can Surgery be avoided? also, i have no pain while walking, but experience instability while running, jogging or during any sudden activities.

Thanks alot.
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It sounds like you tore your Anterior Cruciate Ligament one year ago. The most reliable treatment for a young, active individual who is already experiencing instability is surgical reconstruction of the ligament. While physical therapy and bracing may give you some measure of stability, you already begun to stretch out the "secondary restraints" in your knee. Imagine you tore your seat belts, now you've damged your airbags.
ACL reconstruction can be done a variety of ways, and I suggest you discuss this with your treating orthopedic surgeon, when you choose one.  
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My doc has taken my MRI report today. He said he'll study it and let me know tomorrow, the next course of action to be followed .

Your help is really appreciated. Thanks alot.
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