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Recovery time on a sprained finger

Hello, I was in an accident mid November (on my motorcycle and hit my a truck) where I fractured the tip of my right middle finger as well as sprained it (had x-rays done after the accident).  I never really had any pain with it and I believe the fractured part of it has healed, but I still can't fully bend or straighten the finger (still swollen as well).  I have been doing finger exercises and it seemed to get better at first, but there hasn't been any progress in healing for about a month now.  

Is it normal for sprains to take this long to heal and is there anything else I should be doing to help it?

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I think its time to see an hand specialist.
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I sprained my finger playing basketball and it took me 3 months to be able to play again... but after it would still hurt a bit... but now its good... so I think it takes a while but it will get better. Good luck :)
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