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39M - I got bad tendinitis in my lateral biceps femoralis. I have questions.

Background: I tore my ACL at 21 years of age in '96 and partially tore the medial meniscus. I had a successful auto-graft of the patellar tendon. I've been quite active and very healthy since then. My surgical knee has been pretty much quite reliable. I go running a lot and I lift weights with it.

No problems except for this past April 6th. I've been running quite inconsistently the 5 months prior to this, and I altered my training by running much faster than I had used to (from 11 minuts/mile to 8 minutes/mile on a treadmill). Then I went for a non-eventful run outside, and it was 3 miles only. I removed the insole of my shoe for more room, and the next day, I had severe tendinitis.

My tendinitis has prevented me from jogging ever since then. If I over use my knee, the next 2-3 days, it'll hurt, and I can't walk well. I've been limping since April 7th, 2014.

I saw a doctor on June 11th. They took X-rays and did the Lachmann Test for this knee. The doctor told me that this was a typical exercise injury caused by over-use and probably the change of my workout and also the fact that I was wearing OLD shoes WITH THE INSOLD REMOVED. Also, the X-ray reveals that I'm pre-arthritic in that I have osteophytes in the surgical knee, but not in the other knee.

I really never did anything about the pain until now. Earlier this week on Monday, I started icing it, elevating it, wearing a brace, taking Advils (Ibuprofen), and also, not using the knee much. But because of inactivity and stress, I've put on 14 pounds of fat.

My knee gets better (not perfect at all), and then it gets bad, swollen, and painful when I over-use it, I suppose. I can't predict what constitutes "over-use" because it gives no clue that the next day is going to be bad, swollen, and inflexible.

I'm not sure if it's gotten better since April when I had this injury. I have no idea what's wrong with my knee, and the tendinitis that I (assume) that I have. Tendinitis only lasts 6 weeks at the most, but it's been 3.5 months, and I'm still limping around.

Folks, I need your advice and help. What do you think is wrong with my surgical knee? It's swollen in the front, even thought the pain is on the lateral side on the back (the lateral biceps femoralis attachment), and I can't fully flex this knee or fully extend it.

Also, what is preventing me from fully extending and fully flexing my knee: a lodged mensical piece caught between the knee joint? A swollen tendon(s)? A rigid muscle(s) which refuses to relax?
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