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A broken ankle with screws and plates

I broke my ankle in January, was operated spent almost a month in hospital, i have been using crutches bt now had to let GI of them to try moving on my own.
My problem is I can't stand long hours than foot swells and its painful, an worst part is the rainy weather than I can't even sleep because of severe pain. Any help u can give me.
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Unfortunately, this is not uncommon after what you've been through.  You will probably get better with each passing month but the issue of weather affecting it is something I have heard a lot.  Here is an old medhelp post with one of the doctors weighing in.  Now your situation is a little different because this is fairly recent after your surgery as the patient in this post was doing okay and pain developed a year after.  BUT, it is good information for what you can be on the look out for.  Infection, post trauma arthritis or issues with the hardware. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Orthopedics--Sports-Medicine/Ankle-pain-and-swelling-2-years-after-surgery/show/720370.

I also think your surgeon should be fine with your checking in to see if you should still be having this swelling.  I do believe it is not unusual but you would possibly be best to see your doctor to make sure all is well.
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Tanx a lot my next appointment is on the 25/04, will let Dr do a thorough check cause can't take pain and swelling
Yes, definitely do that. You should not have to live in pain like that.  Come back and tell me what the doctor says, okay?
Tanx will do that
Sorry for the late update, went to see doctor today, he says foot is healing fine, and that the pain and swelling will be a recurring thing due to the weather and can take about a year or so on to be okay, they jus gave me some painkillers and ointment
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Good evening sorry for the late update, when to see doctor today, there is nothing else they can see and told me that the swelling and pain will be a recurring thing due to the weather and can take abt a year and so on. And gave me some painkillers and ointment.
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