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Advise please

My father had a benign growth on his left hip which was operated almost 10-12 years ago, since then he still gets acute pain in his left leg. The pain is like a current flowing from hip to toes and after sudden flash it stops and can appear anytime again in a day without any fixed pattern. Lately he had knee pains and the doctors advise a knee replacement but as per the xray and scan reports the most affected knee is right knee (which needs replacement) and not the left knee. we have visited many doctors and almost all of them  say that the pain in his left leg may be due to the knee problem when we asked doctors why this pain flashes on left (operated) leg if its due to knee problem, as the left knee is less damaged and right knee is more damaged as per the doctors, they dont have a proper answer to it.
could you please advise what could be the problem here, what according to you is the cause of pain and is knee replacement an answer to it? or is it something else?
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