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I am 17 years old and when I was 14 I had ACL, MCL & LCL reconstructive surgery, along with a torn artery. So painful it took forever to heal. I went to physio blah blah blah then I had to get a second surgery to remove a calcium build up and remove scar tissue to help my knee bend. My surgeon said I will always have a bad knee but i didn't think it'd get this bad. It just aches and aches and it clicks when I go up stairs. And I can't bend it all the way. When it's bent for so long I can't straighten and vise versa. Also when I bend it about 3 inches below the bottom of my knee it's a huge burning feelin like a thousand needles are just digging in. It was like that since I got over my surgeries but it's just gotten worse the past week. I feel pain all the way up to my hip and back down to my ankle while I sit with it bent. My knee throbs and I get random outbursts of pain and sometimes it even keeps me up at night. My doctor put me on pain meds but they're not working. And I tried physio for 3 weeks and it's not working. He said we could try a cortisone shot under my knee cap but it will not fix the problem just take away pain? Any idea on what's wrong?? Please help
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If your doctor doesn't know what the problem is, he can't "fix it." There are many conditions that can't be fixed.

It sounds to me that you had severe knee trauma 3 years ago, and have had total reconstructive surgery. When the doc said you'll always have a bad knee, he wasn't kidding. Now you're beginning to understand what that means.

It is important now to treat the pain. Perhaps you need a different medication or more of the same -- work that out with your doc.

Steroids can do a lot of good -- they reduce inflammation, which is part of what's wrong. Inflammation causes pain. Perhaps if when inflammation is reduced, Xray/MRI will be able to show what is wrong.

Physical therapy doesn't work in three weeks. You have to be patient, and you have to exercise as instructed every day.

Is your activity level such that you've reinjured your knee -- since you are again suffering pain and inflammation, you may need to return to resting and elevating your leg, applying ice, along with wearing an elastic bandage. Anti-inflammatory medications may also help.

Talk to your doctor about the pain. When pain and inflammation are under control, perhaps your docs will then know what's wrong and be able to offer treatment options.

Best wishes.
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My doctor said if physio didn't work in 2 weeks to leave because I had runners knee he said. And he said he wasn't sure it was just an experiment. And I actually stayed an extra week in hopes it would work.
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Your doc is certainly a better judge of what's right for your knee than I am, so follow his advice. Keep pressing for answers. You should be aware of his treatment plan for you.

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