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Broke my pinky toe 3 weeks ago now but still slightly wonky?

So I broke my toe 3 weeks ago today, I went to the hospital the day it happened as it was bending the other way and I was quite scared. Nurse said to keep it buddy taped for however long and it should heal right, if it's still disfigured I might have to have an op. Skip to last monday I went to another hospital just to have a check up, and the doctor I saw said hes happy for me to keep it buddy taped for another 4-6 weeks and see how I get on, if I have pain still in 2 months then I need to go back. He said I should stop smoking as smoking slows down bone healing. I'm just worried, because it is still wonky, but he said as it's only a little bit it shoulsnt affect my walk of life..but whenever I research about it, it always says having a toe heal wonky is dangerous and will cause more problems in the future? Should I believe what my doctor says? And is it still okay to live with a slightly wonky toe? I'm just scared.
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Believe him until the amount of time has passed he suggested and if then you're still unsatisfied see an orthopedic surgeon for a specialist's opinion.  Frankly, I didn't even know they operated on toes, and having digits that are a bit off is pretty common especially if you play intense sports.  Kind of like having bent noses from intense sports.  Not usually much you can do about it.  I'm not sure there's really a lot to be scared about, but again, if a doc gives you an opinion and you don't think you got good advice, see another doc and see if he agrees.  And if you are seeing a general doc, see a specialist.  Peace.
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