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Broken hand, I need help


I broke two metacarpals at the end of January 2014, and I paid a visit to an orthopedist about 1 1/2 months later (at the beginning of March). The bones were still broken, and they developed a callus. The orthopedist put my hand in a cast for about 3 weeks - the bones welded, but the callus was still there. I lost my mobility since then, and I was unable to lift heavy objects, or do things as I used to.
A few days ago (one week at most), I have accidentally hit my hand. It became sort of inflamed for about two days, then the inflammation cured by itself, leaving a greenish bruise instead, which eventually turned yellow (as is now). As a matter of fact, I know that the bruise was not a result of the me hitting my hand, because the blow was rather slight. And my hand hurts terribly, I am unable to lift anything - not even a coffee mug.
I am momentarily unable to see an orthopedist, so I would like some advice... what do you think might be the problem? To be honest, my hand looks very much the same as before seeing the orthopedist in March - back then, it was bruised, all yellow and green, just like it is now.
What do you recommend me to do?

Thank you very much!
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Of course, you should see another orthopedic surgeon -- a hand specialist -- as your hand may require reconstructive surgery.
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