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Broken sesamoid healing advice

Hi. I have a broken sesamoid in my right foot. It was caused by a kickboxing accident about 14 months ago (summer 2019). The initial x-ray I had didn't pick up the fracture and it was diagnosed by a recent MRI (October 2020).

I'm currently wearing a walking fracture boot and have been told to wear it for 6 weeks. I've been wearing it for a week, but still get pain and clicking in the big toe joint.

I wondered if I should be using crutches too so I'm not weight bearing on that foot?

I'm concerned the fracture won't heal as it has been broken for so long

Thank you!
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I'm assuming they said six weeks for a reason.  You need patience.  I am a bit confused, X-rays usually pick up fractures and MRIs are more for connective tissue, but they found it and it has been broken for while so it will probably take a while to mend.  If you're going to kick box you're going to have injuries, so get used to it, they do take time to heal, and different people heal at different paces.  
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