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C6/7 Advice - Surgery or not? scared and confused?


Sorry I havent been on for so long life just flys by!!....

Update on my condition...

(by the way just for info i've just turned 31 - and one morning I just woke up and couldn't move my left arm!! - I've had a few car accidents growing up but nothing major!! - i'm normal weight and lead a normal life exercising etc... normal desk job etc)

Feb 2012 - Operation cancelled as I gained more use of left arm and was able to flex index finger and thumb, numbness and weakness still apparent

Sept 2012 - had another MRI

Nov 2012 - Saw consultants representative to discuss results. They offered me the operation again. Said if I was to have a car accident etc then I run the risk of being perm paralysed?! I was so shocked as they have put me under watch for another six months due to see neurosurgeon in April 2013 and have MRI hopefully in late Feb 2013. I am really concerned as i am starting to get slight pain in my neck so went to see GP today and they said I have a significant prolapse but its and its just touching the spinal cord. I am so scared and worried and not too sure how serious this risk of being paralysed may be!! - and also does it outweigh the operation risk - as the op may not improve my hand situation but will it give me longterm problems as i've read that many people who have this op have more issues in the future. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

The notes from my MRI state the following:
Follow up MRI scan in 2011. Has posterior disc buldge at C6/7 with weakness and numbness of left thumb, symptons have slightly improved. under neurosurgical follow up.

MRI spine cervical: current scan compared with previous imaging dated 20/09/11.
The slightly degenerate bulging disc previously reported at c6/7 is still present, and overall does not appear to have changed significantly in appearance. On the axial imaging there is again disc material just touching the anterior of the spinal cord with minor displacement posteriority, but no evidence of cord compression. The root canals remain patent. Appearences at all other cervical levels are unremarkable. There is no bone pathology. Normal cervical vertebral alignment. No pathology cranio-cervical junction. No evidence of instrisic spinal cord abnormality. Comment: Degeneratve C6/7 disc, with broad based disc bule and minimal compromise of the spinal canal. Appearances are similar to previous examination.  

As i am totally confused yet again?! by all of this i have now booked to see the neurosurgeon on 10/01/13. If anyone could share any light on this it would be fantastic!!


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Yes, as its pressing on the nerve that operates my left arm and hand, and due to it being c5-6 it causes the above symptoms in my thumb and index finger. Iam just concerned that i woke up with this, and if the disc can prolapse further with everyday life. I know the neurosurgeon has stated that if i have minor trauma (ie car accident etc) then this could lead to paralysis? but I dont know the risks of everyday moving around etc.... I am now getting headaches etc. but dont know if this is due to me studying quite a lot recently or bad posture. I am due another mri in Feb and then the neurosurgeon with evaluate if i need surgery (which is scaring me!! to know end!!). I'm a normal active 31yo. I have been offered no alternative therapy. ALthough did see a Physio early last year, he cracked my spine!! to release air? which i felt was dangerous as I wasnt diagosed properly then by scans etc.... just hope he didnt cause any damage....  Thanks for your email,

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Hi I just read your post, I am really sorry, from  what I read you have minimal compression.  Are the doctors saying that is causing the problem with your hand/arm?
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Any advice anyone?
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